Most unique / unusual application Section

Most unique / unusual application

Judging criteria:

Unique and unusual applications that have been created to solve unique or unusual problems.



Black C, UK – Acoustic devices

Foam Engineers, UK – Foam moped and motorbike

Kewell Converters, UK – seat for a physically impaired person

Kewell Converters, UK – fuel flow for F1 motor racing team

Norseman, Canada – Head rest pad

Norseman, Canada – Olympic Torch replica

Polyformes, UK – Neck rest for hairdressing salons

ISOPAD SPA – Sogimi Group, Italy – E-FORM hair stylist hat

Gruppo Sogimi, Italy – scenographies and masks

Technifab, USA – ‘Rain in the Plane’ solution


Foam Engineers, High Wycombe, UK

Entry:Foam Moped and Motorbike

Zotefoams materials chosen

AZOTE® Plastazote® LD45, LD24 and LD33

Foam Engineers was commissioned to supply a moped and motorbike to be built around metal sub-frames (customer issued) which allow for a radar signal reading. The bikes would allow the customer to ‘crash test’ cars continuously without incurring the cost of replacing the bike (or the car!). A foam bike could fall over and be remounted and repositioned very easily (the wheels were expected to move but Foam Engineers also had to make provision for the bike to be mounted (by the customer) onto a specially made stand). The bikes form part of a ‘foam village’ used in the testing of onboard computer systems and automatic braking.

The Zotefoams materials chosen were more suitable for sculpting and 3D cutting, enabling Foam Engineers to create the detailed and complex geometry compared to other closed-cell materials. They also allowed the introduction of colour in very simple but effective ways: for example, grey was used on the brake discs and red for the rear brake light and stop/start button.

The Zotefoams components also responded well to a heat-treating operation required to clean and deburr the edges and surfaces, and to a gluing stage. Zotefoams materials grades are easier to bond and more consistent than other materials.

Watch the interview with  Steve McWhirter & Matt Wright, Foam Engineers Ltd

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ISOPAD SPA – Sogimi Group

Entry: E-FORM hair stylist hat

Zotefoams materials chosen

AZOTE® Plastazote®

E-FORM is a special and highly choreographic hair stylist hat for hair treatments and colour application. The unique, patented product consists of three shapes with different diameters — six pieces in total — and allows a 360° hair treatment. The cuts that hold and separate the hair strands also make it useful for treating both the outer and inner parts of the hair. Plastazote was chosen for its purity, skin contact, softness, chemical resistance, durability, and easy cleaning and drying.