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Most Innovative Product

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Original and forward-thinking products that have been successfully brought to market to solve a particular issue


Inoac, Japan – medical mouthshield

Kewell Converters, UK – 3D Playshapes

Kewell Converters, UK – Stitchsmith clutch bags

Noseman, Canada – Traction boot

Parva Foam, India – Medical packaging

Polyformes, UK – Moulded parts for aircraft seats

Ramfoam, UK – PPE visors

Ramfoam, UK – Educational products

Gruppo Sogimi, Italy – COVID-19 protective screens

Gruppo Sogimi, Italy – filler and stopper for nutritional supplements

Gruppo Sogimi, Italy – support mask for ophthalmology instrument

Technifab, USA – Flexible ECS ducts

Technifab, USA – Aircraft window housing



Technifab Inc Avon, OH, USA

Entry: Flexible Environmental Control System (ECS) Duct

Zotefoams materials chosen


This Flexible ECS Duct distributes warm and cool air in the cabin of aircraft or space vehicles for passenger comfort. The design incorporates self-aligning “clamp-less” cuffs with a positive stop to facilitate accurate and efficient installation. Installation can be accomplished using only one hand. The highly flexible nature of this duct allows it to be used in areas with a tight bend radius; up to .75 of the duct diameter without compromising the cross-sectional area. The versatility of the flexible design allows the duct to expand in length 20% and compress 35% for ultimate adaptability and convenience.
This is the first application that uses foam material for a flexible duct in an aerospace ECS system. Competing designs use silicone material, which is much heavier, less flexible, and more susceptible to failure during service.
ZOTEK F30 and ZOTEK F38HT were the only materials that could perform to the design intent and incorporate all functional and performance requirements. The result is incredibly lightweight, which not only saves fuel but also promotes improved ergonomics for the mechanic during the installation process. Because ZOTEK F already has inherent insulation properties, there is no need for an additional layer of insulation material.

Watch the interview with  Bruce Whitman,Technical Fellow, Technifab Inc.

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Norseman Protective Solutions
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Entry: Traction Boot

Zotefoams materials chosen

AZOTE® Evazote® EV50 Black and Plastazote® HD 80 Black
The boot is designed to properly position the leg and foot during orthopaedic surgeries, where immobilisation of lower leg is required through fixation to surgical traction tables in trauma and hip fracture cases. The two foam cushioning pads provide a secure grip during surgery for superb security, while the heel and forefoot pads provide comfort and cushioning. The modular design is free of any sewn components, allows for easy cleaning, and is re-usable. This is an improvement over a pre-existing product. Other products utilise a single strap with a sewn pad that does not stay in place and is difficult to clean. Using Zotefoams materials eliminates the need for rigid plastics that are difficult to form and sew, as well as a lot of sewing which is costly and tedious. By moulding both Plastazote HD80 and Evazote EV50 into the desired pad shapes and laminating them together, there are no requirements for sewing and the closed cell foams can be easily cleaned. The dual-density composite is light, stiff and conforms to the proper shape with the correct amount of cushioning.

Kewell Converters Limited
Tonbridge, UK

Entry: Stitchsmith Clutch Bag

Zotefoams materials chosen

AZOTE® Plastazote® LD45
The first truly customisable bag of its kind, and yet another example of the versatility of polyethylene foam. The foam element with adhesive backing sticks to any fabric and can recovered by customers themselves using new or upcycled fabric, making it an exciting, versatile and sustainable product. The high-quality Plastazote LD45 foam insert adds the important soft touch and premium luxury feel.