Longest running / oldest application section

Longest running / oldest application

Judging criteria:

To recognise the longest-running application still in use today

Ramfoam, UK – Expansion joint for window frames: 2006

SJG International, UK – Abrasive pads: 2006

ISMT, Netherlands – SIREX Star gym mats: 2005

Polyformes, UK – Gym mat: 2000

Gruppo Sogimi, Italy – Swimming pool shutter: 2000

Norseman, Canada – Tube for rigid hull inflatable boat: 1998

Gruppo Sogimi, Italy – Window profile caps: 1995

Kewell Converters, UK – Swim float: 1993


Kewell Converters, Edenbridge, UK

Entry: Swimming floats for disabled children (1993)

Zotefoams materials chosen

AZOTE®Evazote® VA 35 and Plastazote® LD24FR
Hydrotherapy and swimming give a wonderful sense of freedom to anyone who is confined to a wheelchair or has very limited mobility. In addition, the exercise is invaluable to mobilise stiff joints. Fabricated from buoyant, water-resistant and easy-to-clean foam, Kewell has produced swimming collars, head and neck supports as well as other flotation devices, for children and adults alike, for almost 30 years. All the aids are adjustable or come in a range of sizes, and may be useful in the bath as well as the swimming pool. Plastazote, which is the most-referenced thermoplastic in the medical lexis, was chosen for buoyancy and comfort — the foam is soft, absorbs impact, is kind to skin, and safe for children.

Watch the interview with  Marcos Kewell, Commercial Director & Joint MD, Kewell Converters Ltd

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Gruppo Sogimi

Entry: Window profile caps: 1995

Zotefoams materials chosen

AZOTE® Plastazote® LD35